Ukkonen AWG Floor Standing Speaker (PAIR)

AUD $9,000.00

The Ukkonen AWG is a floor standing speaker featuring state of the art drivers from Purifi and SB Acoustics with beautiful solid wood or painted cabinets.

Class leading technical and subjective audio performance.

Please note: As this product is custom manufactured to your aesthetic specification shipping lead time is approximately 4 weeks. Please contact [email protected] to discuss the available speaker finishes.

This speaker is sold as a stereo pair.  However, single speakers can be purchased.  Please contact [email protected] for more information.

We are very excited to present our new Ukkonen AWG floor standing speaker. Ukkonen is a Finnish word meaning “thunder” and March Audio believes this very aptly describes the incredible bass extension and dynamics of the Ukkonen  speaker.

Our design objective was to produce a speaker that possessed the deepest warm bass, amazing dynamics, sweet crystal-clear high frequencies and exceptionally low distortion.



To achieve this objective we have implemented the state of the art Purifi Ushindi transducer technology.  USHINDI, the Swahili word for victory, is the result of PURIFI’s extensive research and development effort to eliminate all sources of distortion in a transducer. The results are clear – objectively demonstrated by unparalleled measured data and subjectively, with the purest and most transparent sonic response.

USHINDI technology marks a significant milestone in the world of transducers, as it is the first technology to successfully tackle the challenge of extended-stroke performance. It is now possible for small-cone extended-stroke drivers to outperform large-cone short-stroke drivers, often by a significant margin.

The PTT8.0X04-NAB-01 woofer used in the Ukkonen is a 8.0” aluminium driver that truly cracks the extended-stroke code. PURIFI’s research has identified the parameters that have so far prevented extended stroke drivers from breaking through in truly high performance audio.

Purifi has taken care to optimize the various distortion mechanisms separately, thus guaranteeing that any measured improvement truly reflects a real audible improvement no matter what the signal is. Accurate mathematical models are developed for the motor, suspension and the vibro-acoustics of the dome and surround. These models clearly explain several distortion mechanisms in each domain, which provides fundamental insights into better ways of constructing the motor, cone and suspension. Finally, the same models are used to numerically fine-tune the geometry. This way of working reliably reduces multiple distortions mechanisms which secures low IMD for complex signals.

The combination of the above characteristics results in a compact long-stroke driver that delivers complex sound with a clarity and lack of effort that was previously the exclusive province of large-cone short-stroke drivers. Additionally, the driver has uncompromised midrange reproduction.

These speakers behave like much bigger devices and the anechoic low frequency response is only -3dB down at 28Hz.  This equates to an in room response that reaches to 20Hz. This extended response negates the need for a sub woofer.


To complement the exceptional performance of the Purifi woofer we needed an exceptional tweeter.  The SB Acoustics Satori TW29BNWG Beryllium Dome Tweeter fitted the bill perfectly. Sweet and detailed with exceptional clarity and very low distortion.

The integrated waveguide controls the directivity of the tweeter allowing it to perfectly match that of the woofer at the crossover point.  The controlled directivity also ensures the indirect sound from reflection’s within your room accurately match the timbre of the direct sound from the tweeter.  This provides a much more cohesive sound that is more consistent in different rooms.


The crossover filter utilises high quality components including Jantzen capacitors and  low loss air core inductors which minimises distortion and maximises sensitivity.



Not only did we want to provide aural harmony with the Ukkonen but also aesthetic harmony.

The Ukkonen is manufactured to order so the cabinets can be finished to your exact specification.  We can provide paint finishes in any colour you like from the RAL colour system.

View the range here:

RAL Classic |

Pictured is a cabinet finished in Candy Red.


We also have a range of beautiful solid wood finishes from native Australian hardwood timbers.

Pictured is a cabinet (Sointuva Speaker) manufactured from locally sustainably sourced Tasmanian Oak timber.

Primary woods available include:

  • Jarrah – Eucalyptus marginata
  • Blackbutt – Eucalyptus pilularis
  • Wandoo – Eucalyptus wandoo
  • Sheoak – Casuarina
  • Tasmanian Oak – Eucalyptus regnans
  • Baltic Birch Ply
  • Tasmanian Blackwood – Acacia melanoxylon

Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss your preferred finish.

The cabinets also perform an important function with respect to the sound quality.  March Audios expertise with vibration analysis ensures the cabinets have extensive bracing and damping to minimise colouration.  The rounded edges are not just for aesthetics, they also minimise the effects of diffraction.





Superb sound is derived from superb technical performance.  The Ukkonen AWG has been been designed and tested to ensure it delivers both.

The Ukkonen has extremely linear frequency response, sound power and directivity

Class leading exceptionally low distortion that beats some much larger speakers

Plays loud with minimal compression that retains the musical dynamics and punch. Again surpassing the performance of many much larger speakers.

For the technical amongst you some measurements will follow soon.