March Audio products are proudly hand built in our facility near Albany in Western Australia. We specialise in the design and manufacture of exquisite audio components. Our mission is to provide superb technical performance and sound at modest prices.

Exceptional engineering with strict quality control and product testing is part of our DNA.

Combined with a dedicated personal approach to customer service, we are confident you will enjoy many years of musical delight with March Audio products.

Alan March - Founder March Audio
Alan March - Founder March Audio

Who we are

Alan March founded March Audio in 2018. Alan has had a life long passion for music and audio electronics and wanted to bring this passion, along with his engineering skills, into a range of exceptional audio products.

Alans professional career has been based in engineering including working for Rolls Royce Aero Engines in the UK, and latterly in noise and acoustics engineering in Australia.

At Rolls Royce he worked in test measurement, data acquisition and instrumentation. At first glance this may seem have little to do with audio, however the signals and recording techniques for the dynamic data being acquired in jet engine test (such as vibration and stress) are extremely similar to those used in audio and audio recording studios.

Alan has worked on projects including Concorde, Eurofighter Typhoon, Joint Strike Fighter, Airbus A380 and Boeing Dreamliner.

This has lead to a wealth of experience in recording and analysing delicate audio frequency signals, including the design and performance of the associated signal conditioning amplifiers, electronics and digital recording systems.

A small, dedicated and talented team assist Alan with manufacture and logistics. Alan enjoys being personally involved with customers and directly communicates with them, answering enquiries and technical questions on a daily basis.